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If you call, you will be given a free 30 minute or less consultation by phone, by Paige to determine whether she can, or will, handle your matter.  After that, you will need to make an appointment, sign and engagement letter and bring any retainer amount discussed during the phone call  with you.  Paige only sees clients by appointment.  If you have any question about fees, ask during the initial call. 

Please remember that if you have been served with a document, it is most unwise to wait until the day before you are to appear in Court to try to hire an attorney. Most of us will choose not to try to represent you at that point.  If you are sued, or think that you are about to be, it is best to be proactive.

If you are contemplating a legal matter, or believe someone is about to sue, you should find out what your rights are early and what the advantages are to being the first to file.  If your matter involves children, be sure to get legal advice and representation early before someone moves away with your child.  It can be very expensive to go through the legal channels to get the child back once he or she has been transported elsewhere and often involves you hiring an attorney in each state. Please remember that an attorney can while working, be in Court, with a client, working on a deadline, ill, at a seminar, or on vacation.  So, a tip for good communication and success is to plan ahead and provide your attorney with what is requested of you.

***Not Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization

***This firm does not give tax advice, or financial planning advice

***This firm does not do Qualified Domestic Relations Orders

***This firm uses many electronic forms of communication and document delivery.  You will need to have a working cell phone with voicemail set up and an email account that you can access at almost all times in the event that you need to be reached quickly, or if you need to receive a document to review.  Because this is a small firm, the use of technology makes it easier to be efficient without a huge staff.  

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