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Family Law

Family law consists of divorce, modification of existing custody or child support orders, paternity issues, name changes, grandparents rights, adoptions, marital agreements (prenups and postnups) and other matters pertaining to the family. Paige’s approach to family law is to try to minimize the disruptive effect to children involved while striving to get the best outcome for her client.  She takes a very hard stance against abusive parents and/or addict parents, whether alcohol or other substances.  Counseling for all involved is encouraged.
Sometimes informal settlement conferences where everyone comes to a resolution without a mediator, can sometimes cut litigation costs and the emotional drain on the family.
Paige also handles CPS matters. Paige now works exclusively with the Bowie County Public Defenders Office.


Civil Litigation

Generally “Litigation” means any civil case that can end up before a jury.  This can range from car /trucking accidents, to premises liability or be as complex as infectious disease, construction defects,  intellectual property, or anti-trust.  This type of situation often involves lots of pretrial preparation, scheduling orders, motion practice, depositions, and if there is no resolution, a bench or jury trial.  Paige has experience in handling litigation from the Plaintiff and the Defendant positions and has also served as local counsel for out of town firms. Currently, Paige is only doing Criminal Law with the Bowie County Public Defender's Office.

Legal Advice

Criminal Law

Criminal Law. Paige currently does criminal appointments and private representation, both misdemeanor and felony, but is not death penalty certified. She encourages those she represents who need help for substances or mental health, to get it and tries to offer suggestions when appropriate. For those who have been the victim of illegal stops, searches, or interrogation, she does her best to gather proof and assess the best options for her clients.

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Different styles and approaches are applied as needed and co-parenting plans can be implemented if requested in family law cases (Divorce, Modification). 
Paige has been trained in mediation since 1999 and during her career has attended hundreds of mediations as an advocate too.  Paige’s experience attending mediations while doing insurance defense allowed her the opportunity to work with some of the best mediators in the Dallas metroplex area and her current local area. 
She now chooses to use her training to simply help work out emotional or sticky issues in a case where she is actually your attorney.


Small Estates and Other Cases

If you have a relatively small estate, Paige can help you with a Will Package making sure your wishes will be honored.  If you have a more complex estate, she will refer you to a more specialized attorney. 

Paige may choose from time to time to handle other matters like accident cases which involve serious injury or death.  She has in the past, handled both auto cases and trucking cases from both the Plaintiff and Defendant positions.

Paige is currently working solely for the Bowie County Public Defender's Office.

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